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Declaration Publishers says “Marcia Greenwood’s insight is keen, her research is impecable and her writing is straight from the heart.” To read more about Marcia’s books, check out Books. For an intimate peek into Marcia’s private photo album, an up close look at her biography or to view a more detailed timeline of her life from 1951 through to present day, check out Roots. If you are curious about how to book Marcia for a speaking engagement, want to write or email her or find a link to her publisher, then check out Curiosities.

Beginning in 1996, began ministring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She and her husband were ordained and founded Tim Greenwood Ministries.  TGM primarily strengthens and equips individual men, women and children needing help, by providing faith based education, training and empowerment.
For speaking engagement and interviews please contact Marcia Greenwood through the  Tim Greenwood Ministries site.